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  • 10th Birthday Party photos

    Here a few of the great photos from our party! To see them all go to !!❤️❤️📷📷

  • Birthday party

    Thank you to everyone who came to our 10th Birthday party! We had a great evening, drinking and dancing till the early hours! more photos to follow soon!

  • Our 10th birthday

    Our 10th birthday

    Can’t believe we have been open 10 years today! I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us during that time! A lot has changed in those 10 years most of which are my hairstyles!!🤣 follow your dreams and see where they take you!!! Amanda xx #itsourbirthday #10thbirthday #waxing #norwich

  • 10th Birthday competition

    10th Birthday competition

    To celebrate our 10th birthday with us, enter our Facebook competition!

  • How to prevent ingrown hairs

    How to prevent ingrown hairs

    I don’t think I can ever say this enough – EXFOLIATE!

    Exfoliating is, without doubt, the best way of preventing ingrowing hairs. Exfoliating will get rid of the dead skin that clogs follicles and help to lift individual hairs. But don’t do it too much, as it could aggravate the area. Two to three times a week is plenty. Use a loofah, a mitt or our Amazing Lycon body scrub.

    Moisturising the skin daily also helps as it softens the skin and makes it easier for hairs to push through without causing problems.

    And it’s no good doing these things the day before a wax. No, you need to build them into your daily regime for them to have a long term impact.

    Hope this helps.

  • What is an ingrown hair?

    We have seen quite a few ingrown hairs lately and are often asked how to treat & stop them!

    Ingrowing hairs occur when the hair grows back on itself and into the follicle. They can form small bumps and then turn into spots with pus under the surface.

    Usually it’s most often seen with thicker hair. They happen most commonly in the bikini area in women, and the beard area on a man. I see a fair few on legs too.

    As with most things, it’s better to prevent them than to end up having to treat them.

    Look out for next months blog on how to prevent ingrown hairs!

  • Threading v waxing

    Threading v waxing

    Threading has took the world by storm! But have you wondered which delivers better results?

    Let's look at the pro's and con's of both!

    The pro's- threading allows for a more detailed unbelievable definition if the brow shape! ''Tis gives a sharper cleaner line. It causes minimal redness and swelling and is much quicker than waxing.
    For clients with sensitive skin,it's great as no chemicals or products are used on the skin, it's simply a piece of cotton.

    Con's- Although great for hair removal it can only be used on facial hair. This is because the surface area the thread covers is minimal.

    The pro's - clients tend to find waxing more comfortable than threading. This is because we use the best quality wax which does not pull on the skin. Threading can have a tendency to pinch the skin. Waxing is also much quicker on areas that have a larger surface area.

    Con's- leaves the skin with slight swelling and redness especially on delicate areas!

    As you can see there's no stand out winner. If your still unsure why not try both, and see which you prefer?!

    Book an appointment online.

  • Can I wax whilst it's 'that time of the month'?

    Can I wax whilst it's 'that time of the month'?

    This is a question we get asked a lot! So let us give it to you straight.

    ABSOLUTELY!! But it is important to note you will be more sensitive due to hormonal imbalances. If you do book in for an appointment whilst on your period make sure you follow these easy steps:

    1. Pay extra attention to hygiene before your treatment. We recommend showering before your appointment. And using a fresh tampon.

    2. Once in the treatment room please freshen up with the baby wipes provided.

    3. Please tell your therapist you have your period. Please don't feel embarrassed, we have waxed girls on their period before and are pros at only catching the wax!!

    So next time your booked in and your 'time of the month' doesn't align perfectly with your waxing schedule you don't have to cancel!!

  • What to expect!

    The time has come. You have been pondering the idea of a Brazilian wax for a while now and you are finally ready to call and book in for your first ever Brazilian. You will be a) feeling nervous, b) about to call up and cancel, c) excited or d) all of the above.

    We’re not here to preach about the fact that Brazilian waxing doesn’t hurt and that you won’t even feel it, because that’s not true. It does sting a little, but never more than you think it will. Expectations are always worse than the actual result and we often get clients remark that it wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be.

    You will arrive and be greeted by your therapist who will take you through to your treatment room. There, you will be left alone in the room for 5 minutes to freshen up. Unfortunately no underwear - not even a g-string is aloud to be worn during the just gets in the way!
    So there you are lying on the bed with no pants on. Cool. Your therapist will then enter the room and begin the treatment.

    The first thing you need to remember is that all our therapists are experts at Brazilian waxing. They carry out this treatment all day, every day (literally!) There is nothing you will have that they haven’t seen before so don’t think they are judging you or feel self-conscious, there is no need!

    To begin the treatment they will apply a pre wax oil to the skin. Once this has been applied the waxing can begin. As you get into the wax, it’s important to remember that a Brazilian isn’t a spectator sport, you will need to help hold the skin taut whilst the therapist removes the wax. Holding your skin taut will minimize the pain dramatically, so always remember to pull tight.During your wax it is important you remember to breathe, holding your breath and tensing your body will only make the wax more painful. Your therapist will only use hot wax, and will tweeze over any stray hairs once the wax is complete to ensure any stragglers are removed. 

    After the treatment, your therapist will apply a tea tree lotion to the area to sooth the skin. It’s completely normal for the area to be a little tender afterwards. You’ll find that the area is always more sensitive after your first wax, or if you have had a big break in between waxes. Regular waxing helps you to stay on top of this.

    So there you have it. If you are now ready to take the plunge, head over to our website and book online!

  • Stocking fillers

    Stocking fillers

    There's still time to pop in and pick up one of our lovely Lycon Body scrub's! Choose from pomegranate, grapefruit, coconut & vanilla or mango.

    Leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling yummy.

    Check out this review from a client on Facebook,
    "I've been visiting The Wax Bar and firstly couldn't fault the girls and their treatments! A week or so ago was recommended the Lycon Exfoliant and Ingrown Hair treatment for some stubborn ingrown hairs.
    I've been blown away by the results! Before using this id been using any old exfoliating thinking it wouldn't be much different. Not only is the Lycon Exfoliant meant for treating those sensitive areas it smells divine and has worked its way into my shower/bath routine! Leaves your skin feeling soft, cleansed and those hairs will begin to disappear in time!
    Couldn't fault it!"

  • Stocking fillers

    Stocking fillers

    Pop in and check out our gorgeous stocking fillers. Our Lycon Body scrub's smell amazing. With a choice of vanilla & coconut, pomegranate, grapefruit and many more. Only £18 and well even gift wrap them for you.

    Or you could treat someone special to a Gift Voucher. Spend over £10 & you will receive a FREE EYEBROW WAX!

  • New Treatments! - Want to be the talk of your Christmas party?

    New Treatments! - Want to be the talk of your Christmas party?

    Were very excited to be launching our new treatments available on Wednesday's and Saturdays!

    Morrocan spray tan - We are excited to announce our new spray tan!This luxurious tan is enriched with nourishing vitamins and organic oils. It comes in a variety of different shades & only takes 2hrs to develop. Great shades,no streaks and no smell what's not to love!

    Hi Brows - The Secrets Out!
    If you’re looking for shaped, tinted and styled eyebrows, then Hi Brow professional treatment is perfect for you. Hi Brow professional treatment shapes, colours and styles your brows, creating symmetrical and defined brows that frame and enhance your features.

    Tools are aligned with your facial features to coordinate the best suited shape for your face, enabling perfectly arched and angled brows.

    A combination of waxing, threading and tweezing are used to structure and tidy the brow. Waxing removes unwanted and unruly hair. Threading blends in harsh ends to create a clean and groomed look; tweezers are used to sculpture the eyebrow shape, plucking small hairs that weren’t previously removed.
    Tint is applied to the brow, balancing the colour to create an even contrast throughout the brow. Brow powder styles and defines the brow.

    Eyelash extension's - Individual lash extensions are applied, one at a time, onto your own eyelashes - without overloading your natural lashes or causing damage. Wether you want a natural or Glamourous look, each treatment can be adapted to the clients desired finish.

  • October - Trimming & waxing


    • Do NOT trim before your appointment! Here's why...

    Chances are you'll trim way too short which makes it difficult for us to remove the hair effectively and get a smooth finish.

    If hair is too short, the wax isn't able to grip the hair enough to pull out. Which means the wax might be able to pull the hair slightly, but not fully out of the follicle, resulting in poor removal, poor results and possible ingrown hairs. Plus it also means more pain for the client, and more work for the therapist.

    We will be more than able to work with longer hair, even if you are embarrassed and think the hair is 'down to your knees' or you have 'gorilla-like legs'. 😂

    We will be thankful and happy you didn't trim and compromise your treatment.

    Trust us, we are experts in hair removal!!

  • September celebration's

    September celebration's

    What a great September we had Celebrating our 9th birthday, with our fantastic competition. Our 2 lucky winners were Toni & Sonja who will be coming in soon to use their prizes.

    I can't believe it is 9 years since I opened the wax bar as a young 21 year old. I am thankful to all our clients that have supportered us. Here's to another 9 years!!

    This week we held our own Macmillan coffee morning, selling cakes. We raised a Fantastic £52 for such a great cause!

    Amanda xx

  • Free Brazilian competition!

    Free Brazilian competition!

    To celebrate our 9th Birthday on September 24th, we are giving away 2 free Brazilian waxes. Simply go to our facebook page for a chance to win!

  • August - No double dipping!

    August - No double dipping!

    Double dipping may be socially acceptable when it comes to salsa and chips, but when it comes to waxing its huge NO NO!

    During a waxing service we use wooden spatulas to spread wax onto the skin. The spatulas are thrown away as soon as they touch the skin and a new spatula is used for subsequent dips. Double dipping could spread bacteria and yuckiness from someone else to you.

    At the wax bar we never double dip. We have literally thousands of sticks on hand.

    so now you know,double dipping is a double NO NO!

  • Were through to the final!!

    Were through to the final!!

    We are so pleased to be one of the FINALIST'S for #muddyawards16 for BEST BEAUTY SALON!!

    If you LOVE The Wax Bar as much as we LOVE you?! It would mean SO much to us if you could nominate us. follow the link!!

  • May - waxing: How to prepare your summer body!

    Woo hoo! The warmth of summer is beginning to sneak up on us.
    And that means one thing…

    It’s time to prime your beach body and get yourself ready for those long lazy evenings. Here are our top tips to help you feel body beautiful:

    1. Exfoliate
    We love our exfoliating gloves. Easy to use and available in our salon.
    Exfoliation as part of an ongoing beauty regime is a very good thing. Not only does it help to slough away dry skin and rejuvenate those dull patches, it can help to prevent ingrown hair too.

    Ingrowing hairs happen when the hair follicle gets blocked, preventing the hair shaft escaping the skin. Through exfoliation, you can help remove blockages and allow those hairs to spring free. So say goodbye to those unsightly blemishes and painful spots. Using our ingrown hair spray is also great for getting rid of those ingrown hairs.

    2. Let it grow
    If you want to use waxing as a way to stay hair free for longer, you need to stop shaving until your hair reaches the magic length. We require a minimum of a ¼ inch of hair growth.

    While you can wax shorter length hair, there will likely be some growth lurking beneath the surface. As such, your super soft skin won’t last long because those strands will quickly poke through and spoil the look.

    But with a ¼ inch of growth, the wax can take a firm grip, and you can feel confident that all your hair is above surface meaning no hair will be left standing.

    3. Moisturise
    Lycons body moisturiser is our product of choice – We love the pomegranate lotion it smells divine.
    Pre-wax moisturising can help to soften your hair follicles and the surrounding skin (although we don’t recommend that you moisturise on the day of your wax). As such regular moisturizing can make waxing that little more comfortable.

    In addition, moisturisers can help hydrate the skin and keep it looking (and feeling) soft and silky. As such, a good body moisturizer is an ideal way to prolong the silky smooth sensation you get post-wax.

    4. Book ahead
    The salon tends to be extra busy during the summer – so do book ahead to avoid disappointment.

    A good wax can leave you hair free for up to three weeks, so there’s no need to book your appointment on the day you travel. Instead, book a couple days before you go. And if you want to maintain that just bare feeling, consider booking regular waxes (every four to six weeks). And remember… regular waxing can actually reduce hair growth over the longer-term (yay!)

    At the salon, we have convenient appointment slots throughout the week making it easy for you to find a time that suits. And it's super easy to book with our online booking system. All body parts are welcome! Our top to toe waxing menu has you covered, so whether you want to de-fuzz your pins, tame your lady garden, or unleash your underarms, you’ll be in safe hands.

  • BSC want to give it a try? - March

    Intimate waxing is becoming ever more popular for men. However if you have never been waxed before it can be a daunting prospect.

    Rest assured you are in safe hands with us.Intimate waxing is our speciality. And don't forget we have seen it all before!
    BSC or as it should be referred to as buttocks, sack and crack. We are one of the few salons to offer this treatment in Norwich,

    Soo Want to go there?
    Good on you. Waxing for men is nothing like shaving and once you've waxed you'll never go back.

    Why not shave?
    Shaving stimulates potential hair growth and can strengthen the hair follicle. Shaving also cuts the hair at the hair shaft which then not only regrows with a stubbly feel but it allows the hair to regrow the next day or in some cases the same day.

    What does it include?
    This treatment Starts on the sack, speedo line and front & removes everything in this area. We then remove all the hair from the crack & buttocks. COMPLETELY HAIR FREE IN UNDER AN HOUR!

    Things to do before a BSC

    1) Don't remove any hair from the area for at least 2 weeks before the treatment.
    2) we cannot wax anyone who has been on a sunbed within 24hrs or if you are sunburnt.
    3) exfoliate the area before your appointment. It will help to lift ingrown hairs and get you a smoother result.

    Things to consider afte a BSC
    1) You must not use a sunbed or sunbathe for 48hrs after a wax, or use saunas/ steam rooms, perfume products or exercise.
    2) Redness in the area is normal and will subside within a few days.
    3) wait for all redness to fade then exfoliate everyday in the shower to avoid ingrown hairs. We also recommend using Lycons sugar scrub £15 and Hives ingrow go £10.

    If you still have any questions you can call the salon for a chat 01603 664699

    What are you waiting for book in online or give us a call. You'll never look back!!

  • Five reasons a bikini wax can leave you feeling more "ooh la la" this valentines - February

    Five reasons a bikini wax can leave you feeling more "ooh la la" this valentines - February

    As valentine's day is fast approaching, we're discussing whether or not waxing can lead to "ooh la la" in the bedroom..

    That’s right! Is it really possible that waxing your intimate regions could lead to greater satisfaction between the sheets?
    Now of course, there’s only one way to find out for sure. You’d have to get a wax yourself.
    But to help you decide whether or not to go bare, here are five reasons why a professional Brazilian wax at The Wax Bar could leave you feeling a little “ooh la la!”

    Let me explain…

    1.It looks good!
    A lot of women do believe their nether regions look more attractive minus the hair. And don’t worry, you don’t have to go all “Hollywood” and remove everything. Feel free to stick with the Brazilian and leave a neat, well-trimmed landing strip in place if that’s what you prefer.

    2.It feels great
    Remove all that coarse pubic hair and your skin will suddenly feel peachy smooth. And don’t confuse the feel of a wax with the results of an intimate shave. The difference is that professional waxing removes hair from the root. As a result, you won’t be left with scratchy stubble. In addition, there’s no risk of uncomfortable razor rash or an unsightly razor nick – just silky soft skin, which can last for up to four weeks. Lovely!

    3.Boost your confidence
    With a bikini wax, you can wear that daring lingerie or low cut swimsuit without fear that a rogue pube will spoil your look! And with all that coarse hair gone, don’t blame us if you feel a little bit sexier.

    4.Feel cleaner
    Lots of women go for a Brazilian or a Hollywood because it feels so much cleaner and more hygienic.

    5.Get a proper job
    Sure you could have a go yourself, but we don’t recommend it! I promise, it’s not easy giving yourself a Brazilian or a Hollywood. Those parts of your body are pretty tricky to reach so you’ll struggle to remove everything and are likely to be disappointed by the results. What’s more, a DIY wax is going to hurt a lot more than a treatment performed by a professional. So why waste your time? Just let us do it for you.

    Simply ring 01603 664699or book in online, and discover for yourself how a bikini wax can give you a little “ooh la la!”

  • Welcome to 2016!

    Welcome to 2016!

    2015 was great year for us!

    - We welcomed Vanessa to our team,
    - Celebrated our 8th year as The Wax Bar,
    - Introduced our new Semi Permanent Mascara treatment,
    - Launched our new look salon and rebrand,
    - Finally got with the 21st century and accepted card payments,
    - I introduced my newest addition to the family and finally got my slipped disc fixed!

    We hope you are all excited to see what we have for you in 2016! The NEW online booking system is just the start!

    So as I sign off my 1st blog of the new year, I want to say a massive THANK YOU to all our amazing clients. You really are the best.

    Amanda xx

  • Ladies Charity pamper evening - November

    Ladies Charity pamper evening - November

    Hi Everyone,

    On Friday night we hosted a ladies pamper evening to raise money for sarcoma cancer and to launch our new semi permanent mascara treatment!
    On the night Vanessa & Victoria were offering file & paints and foot massage - which were a big hit! Helen was doing palm reading Which proved to be very popular, so much so we had a queue. And Samantha reading people chakras, and lizzie telling us all about her it works products.
    For all the services we did we asked for a small donation. Overall on the night we raised over £120!!
    It was a fantastic evening!

  • New treatment - Semi permanent mascara Only £20

    New treatment - Semi permanent mascara Only £20

    semi-permanent mascara gives confident, glamerous eye appeal without the fuss and hassle of constantly reapplying mascara or wearing lash extensions.
    Perfect for everyday wear but brilliant for those Christmas parties coming up ! Applied in 30 minutes, semi-permanent mascara will last up to 3 weeks before it is removed in the salon.

    You will be required to have a patch test 48 hours prior to application.



    We offer all NHS staff 10% discount

  • Look after your nails this winter - Gel Overlay Special Offer

    Look after your nails this winter - Gel Overlay Special Offer

    The cold weather months of winter can play havoc with your nails.
    Cold weather can dehydrate your nails and cuticles, as well as your hands, which in turn can make your nails more prone to breaking or discolouration.
    So, if your hands, cuticles or nails are feeling a bit dry, it might be time to give them some winter warming love.

    (Available Thursdays & Saturdays)

  • Loyalty Cards - October

    Loyalty Cards - October

    As a special thank you to all our regular clients we give loyalty points on treatments.

    £10 = 1point

    10 points = File & polish or Eyebrow tint
    20 points = Eyebrow tidy or Eyelash tint
    30 points = High bikini wax or Half leg wax

  • 1st Blog - September 2015

    1st Blog - September 2015

    Welcome to the first blog from The Wax Bar!
    To introduce myself i am Amanda owner of The Wax Bar since September 2007. We have a team of 3 girls including myself all trained to the highest levels and experience to cater to your every need. We specialise in nothing but waxing. That's right, what we don't know about hair removal ain't worth knowing!

    I shall be using this blog to share my thoughts, observations and experiences of life as a professional waxer. And I'm sure I'll be giving plenty of tips and advice too. Oh, and look out for the occasional offer too.



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